Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Narcissistic Pickle Tycoons, Bioslavery, and John Moore's Spleen

This is what I'm thinking about, once again. Actually, the narcissistic pickle tycoon is new to me, grâce à Priscilla Wald, but I've been mulling over the general question of bodily ownership for a while now. Do you own your body? Legally no. But, legally no one else is supposed to either. Our bodies are in a perpetual legal limbo - - the swampy fringes of our code of law.

I've got to gather my thoughts quickly on the rights of individuals' to their own bodies - - our husky shells down to the littlest bits of our genetic code. If I were a justice on the California Supreme Court, what would my decision in the Moore case be? By Friday I'll have an answer.

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