Thursday, January 7, 2010

my imaginary home: details, details, details!

There is nothing I love more than unexpected touches throughout a home.
Molding, carving, engraving; beautiful tiles, door knobs, outlet covers...
There are so many fantastically understated elegances possible.

One of my favorite little somethings about the house I grew up in
was the cut glass window-in-a-wall right above the doorway
between my bedroom and the connected bathroom.
It was incredible. So detailed and spectacular yet totally understated.

There were a lot of things I loved about that house.

My mom called me up the other day
to say that it is on the market once again.
The folks who bought it from us intended all along
to "fix it up" and shoot for a profit.

Looking at the listing
literally brought tears to my eyes and blow to the heart.

Almost everything I love most about the house they changed.
The ceiling to floor, wall to wall mirrors - - gone.
The enormous gold chandelier in the entry way - - gone.
The stairway railing - - changed.
The unusual kitchen flooring - - changed.

I guess beautiful design and decor really is in the eye of the beholder.

{like that hallway arch via Cup of Jo}

{I adore pretty molding - - aren't those stairs fantastic?! via D,D,&D}

{love those doors! via D,D,&D}

{awesome... and kind of dangerous via tumblr.}

{ok. maybe not just for my imaginary home. Those spiky globes are cool! via tumblr}

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cara. said...

i love it when you post house ones.

hope you're well! i know i still owe you a package. i haven't forgotten. i'm just trying to figure out things that will really treat you.