Thursday, November 12, 2009

speaking of...

I love this idea for "recycling" or re-using wedding decor after the fact. I've already got fabric incorporated into my wedding invitations and, perhaps as a result of being so giddy about my idea, I've gotten obsessed with fabric as a complement to any sort of invitation (not that it works best in everycase but I do love an element of the unexpected!).

I've also gotten pretty attached to this idea for a spin on the traditional "guestbook". And it is so nice to have someone else's tips and tricks from their own trial run. The tip about ink that washes off easily is actually what sealed the deal for me falling hard for this idea!

{I think this "leaf your print" bit would actually be soooo cool for a baby shower as well. Just sayin.}

Speaking of baby showers and weddings, this idea fits sooo well with my plan for my own eventual baby shower (in ten years, of course). If I weren't already so totally attached to my baby shower plan, I'd enthusiastically follow suit and scatter empty books around the wedding for people to fill. Although, now that I think about it, I've actually got something kind of similar lined up for the wedding... hmm.. no spines but a blank canvas meets comic books sort of thing. Well, more on that later, I guess. :)

Lastly, I'm still loving this photo shoot (and most balloon photo shoots for that matter). The only problem with photos as good as these is that I fall in love with every little detail - - in this case, I've fallen hardest for the now-impossible-to-get dress. Isn't it fabulous?! I never would have chosen it otherwise but with the balloons it just pops and is perfect. Wow. And, did you notice that guy is wearing a sweater? He's rocking it pretty well... I'm impressed. I don't think my Luke would ever get into a sweater.

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