Sunday, November 8, 2009

then and now

oh my. this is so funny!
I LOVED Mighty Ducks when I was younger
and was psyched to get an American Girl doll for Christmas!
AND, sadly, Target trips have become my vacation equivalents.


cara. said...

hilarious and kind of sad. (:

so you won my little birthday drawing. i almost hate telling you because i know i'm the world's biggest procrastinator. and i still have yet to gather your winnings. but it'll be good, i promise. and a total shock, as it will come probably a lot later than you expected it to (:

brideonashoestring said...

lol. Yes. This is so true. I don't know who Emilio Estevez is, I just wonder what my hubby is up to. He use to be a semi-pro hockey player. Yum! ;)