Wednesday, May 6, 2009

kitschy or tacky?

my philosopher has voted tacky.
i thought they would be fun.
just imagine: fields and fields of plastic pink flamingos.

thinking about the wedding has revealed a lot about the Mr.
i mean, I knew he didn't exactly have champagne tastes
but as it turns out
he's got a few standards for our celebration decor.

guess these will go into the reject bin.

oh, and I did a little research
and realized my philosopher probably knows best on this one.
apparently "flamingo flocking" is
"the 21st century version of getting toilet papered".

{which, by the way, sounds like so much fun!}
thanks, Houston. you've made my day...if not my wedding.

photo thanks to the Human Flower Project

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Carolyn said...

thanks for all your sweet messages! I must say i AM a little overwhelmed, but in a good way ;)

I am so jealous that you live in seattle! (right??) I want to run the marathon there this summer..we'll see if i can get my slacker legs to do it.

Thanks again for stopping by!! i love finding new blog friends ;)

have a great day!