Sunday, May 31, 2009

True Love... and Consumerism Galore. Eekk!

It is sick, I know. But I am endlessly amazed and in love with Etsy.
My wishlist just grows and grows and grows.

I try to fight it. I try keep the consumerism down.
And, I'm broke yo so I usually do.

But really. truly. Is this not amazing?
Ugg. I loovveeee the cell phone case too.

I especially like it since the camera I own would fit inside it
and I haven't been able to get a holga to call my own.

Then again... this case costs more than the beauty-full holgawood herself.

Maybe part of the reason I'm so into this little case is because
it reminds me of the felt-tabulous creations by Princess Lasertron.
I've been obsessing over her pins & corsages.

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