Monday, May 11, 2009


{image by Caroline West via Poisoned-Apple}

I finally created a tumblr account so that I can keep better track of all the amazing images I find across the web. It's really cool. You can use tumblr as a primary blog or, if you're like me, just use it to collect pretty images and quotes. I think this is going to revolutionize my wedding planning. Right now, I've got the most disorganized folder on my computer filled with random photos. Within the folder are other folders - my attempt at organization. But a lot of things overlap. I'm constantly engaing in the most pointless debates: should I label this 'flowers' or 'centerpieces', 'decor' or 'signage', 'food' or 'display', etc., etc... In the end I'm not sure tumblr is going to really prove more organizational but it is certainly more beautiful. And I can access the images that inspire me the most from just about any computer!

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