Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm going to be an aunt, again!

{a photo of my niece, Emily}


y sister Jodi is pregnant with her third child expected sometime late this month. They finally decided on a name and had a funny story to tell about it. As they sat their children down to tell them their soon-to-be little sister's name, my nephew Ben decided it was only fair that he play a part in the naming process. Jodi & John were planning on a "Kate" but by the end of the conversation it was an official "Katie". Way to go Ben.

Ben's enthusiasm with the name is actually a big step too. When he first found out the boy-girl balance in the house would soon be against him he started crying unconsolably. In fact, my sister wasn't able to get him to stop until she'd promised him a hamster.

Of course, as soon as I found out they'll be having another {little girl} I started collecting a few presents to send along as Katie's birth neared. In a lot of ways my gift-gathering was an accidental trial run for etsy - an experiment to see just how talented these crafters really are. There are four especially brilliant artists who I've had the pleasure of supporting:

1. Mama Robot, an artist who silkscreens her images on American Apparel onsies along with a variety of shirts for adults. She also offers the cutest little gift tags featuring reproductions of her art.

2. The PataCakeBaby, a company based in Idaho that sells handmade blankets, wet bags, diaper diddies, onsies, etc...My favorite thing about this shop? They've got a whole line of items in Alexander Henry's "Juicy Jungle" fabric! {I came accross "Juicy Jungle" in my local JoAnne and pretty much wiped them clean. But, my eyes are bigger than my ability in terms of sewing right now...} I went for a diddie and I plan to make a blanket myself in a few weeks... I might make a tee pee or a sleeping bag too for the big sister!

3. Sugar Plumb Tree, based out of California Jenny Plumb creates all sorts of accessories for toddlers and kids. I purchase the cutest pair of leg warmers with felt flower appliques. Even though my sister lives in Texas and the baby will only get to wear them a few times, they were absolutely worth it!

4. Finally, Aurelia & Annalise (now ivory&moss), is a wonderful shop that carries the most amazing handmade shoes for babies. Every order is made custom and styles can be modified to your liking. I really had to control myself in this shop - particularly after I recieved these. Maybe as summer rolls around I'll break down and order a pair of these and these and * maybe even * a pair of these (even though they're meant for boys) for my new niece.

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Amanda aka MamaRobot said...

Thanks for the mention! And congrats on the new niece!