Monday, May 11, 2009


should we serve alcohol at our wedding?

the philosopher and I are not drinkers.
but some people we know are.
as a sort of compromise
we've considered serving wine and champagne.

but this presents yet another problem.
if we do serve wine and champagne,
which should we purchase?

since we're not exactly gearing up for a taste test
I've decided we'll probably purchase based on packaging

so far, here are my favorites:

(in the glass bottles of course. although those plastic caps sure are classy.)

mystery flav.

Claremont Traminer/Riesling
(and yes, that is a kangaroo in a teacup!)

of course, if we do head out for a few spirits before the big day
we'll probably just pick up whatever we like in the store, at that moment.
still. don't these bottles look cool?

I really think there should be more fun non-alchy drinks out there
because everytime I see a cabinet full of liquor
I just think, "wow. those glass bottles look awesome. I want to celebrate."

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