Monday, June 1, 2009

Sliming down is hard to do

I come from a family of pack rats. We save everything.
When I was younger, living in my parent's homes
it wasn't much of an issue.
There was enough space to store all our memories and... well... junk.
But as I've moved into a much smaller abode with L
my unbelievable amount of stuff has become an issue.

Where has it all come from?

I've thus embarked on a massive cleaning and sorting effort
trying to really scale down my possessions
keeping only the things I love the most or that are really sentimental.
It is tough though. Hard to get rid of things.
Even clothes and jewelry that I haven't worn in years, if ever,
I find myself really having to force myself to let go of.

Some of the more recent items I've listed on craigslist:

I'm selling things cheap just to clear space quickly.
If anything catches your eye for yourself, a loved one, a friend, or a child
email me for information! Shipping on jewelry isn't very expensive!

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