Friday, June 5, 2009

the blogging world...

is a very strange place. I headed over to Design*Sponge a second ago to see what was new. Lo and behold a post about dieline! Weird, huh? I guess my 1 am coffee kick wasn't felt in a void... and I guess a lot of us circulate the same information and frequent the same blogs. I had a similar experience while checking out WeddingBee yesterday, only not with posts per se. I kept coming across posts about wedding plans that are very similar to what I've been considering! On the one hand it bothers me because it makes me feel as though nothing is unique or original... and, let's face it, nothing really is. On the other hand though, beyond just being a fact of life, the similarities I've found between "my" ideas and the ideas of others are kind of inspiring and fun. A little mysterious and miraculous, no? {I realize I'm being a bit cryptic here about my wedding ideas... But, you see, I would like to have a few surprises in store for my family and friends so it just won't do to share the good stuff tooo early!!}

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cara. said...

agreed on this.

and agreed on the fandoo photography. a sad man.

i ran into this quote you may --with sadness--appreciate--i'll post it on my blog right now for you because i'm too lazy to type it. (:

like your blog. thanks for reading mine!