Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The philosopher and I have begun our summer jobs: learning (or at least passing) French. Don't kid yourself, it is brutal. I know, I know. It sounds "so fun" for anyone and everyone not a.) required to take it b.) being graded on progress or c.) royally screwing their GPA in the process. We had our first quiz yesterday (oh yeah, DAY TWO) and we'll meet Friday for another - yikes! I think the worst of it is the incredibly LONG class periods. 11:50 - 2:10 is horrific. By 12:15 I am very ready to leave. *Hopefully in the end it will all be wonderful and worth it. But as my mother used to say, the light at the end of the tunnel is the train coming towards you.

{photo by Anne Geddes}

On a different note, L & I received some *very* exciting news on Sunday - - someone very special to us is going to be a NEW FATHER in about 7 months! There is a serious baby boom going on around here - my sister just had a baby, one of the philosopher's cousins just had a baby, and now we've got news of another! In all honesty, the baby fever makes me a little bit sad because sometimes it just feels so far away from my near-future. But nonetheless I'm thrilled for the joyous expansion! Until more is known about the little person in making, I'll have to remain content showering the happy couple with gender-neutral gifts. I wish them all the best as they continue falling in love with their growing baby!

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