Saturday, June 6, 2009


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I've been really loving goats lately.
Maybe it is because a few weeks ago the philosopher and I
passed a farm with baby goats for sale on our way home from the lake.
Or maybe it is because goats remind me of my friend Janell in Texas
who used to raise goats for FFA.

My mom's banker once told us that his family has a pet goat
not for profit or anything but just "for the love".
And when I was younger my sisters had two pet goats...
though I don't remember them much.

Right now, while I'm free from all the yucky duties that go along with
farm animal management, the idea of having a big back yard
with a cool tree house and a couple of pet goats
sounds really, really good.

hmm... or maybe a cow!
ps: did you catch Janell's bluebell t-shirt?
In case you don't know, bluebell has the best vanilla icecream.

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