Monday, June 1, 2009

a surprising visit

My brother Corbin and his girlfriend Julie recently came to visit from Texas. It was nice to see him, although we only were able to have dinner once. With a table full of people it hardly felt like a visit! I did get to spend some extra time with Julie. As a treat for the visit my mom made appointments at the Angeline Spa for us three ladies: massages, facials, some quite reading time, and a lovely view. It was great. The most surprising part was the facial. I'd never had a facial before. To be honest, I worried it would be a bit painful. Oh was I wrong! Forget massages! If I never have a professional massage again it'll be fine by me - just give me a facial! I was trying to describe the experience to L afterward and I realized it just can not be done. There is no way to explain why it feels so amazing. But it does.

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