Friday, June 19, 2009


{photo from Cynthia Warren via here}

Today I have invitation fever!
It is wonderful yet difficult.
Of course, the philosopher keeps reminding me
that no one but ME cares about the invites.
The most important, if unintended, part of his reminder:

Although I do wonder if it is true that I will be the sole appreciator
of our will-be lovely invites.
After all, I've saved special invitations I've received over the years
either because the people who sent it are special or because the invite itself
was just too spectacular to part with.
Who knows... maybe a few of them will escape the trash bin.

Right now, these are a few of the things inspiring me:

{smock invites}

{Twig & Thistle invites}

{Studio on Fire Invites}

and these {from Chelle Paperie}

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