Thursday, June 11, 2009

sweet freedom.

Yesterday was an absolute paper-writing marathon. Got up ridiculously early, things were going well. By noon my grumbling stomach was becoming impossible to ignore. Quick break for re-fueling. Things are still going good. And then, as seven o'clock begins to roll around, I feel myself getting a little bit sleepy. Slowly I notice my head and face feeling much larger and heavier than usual. I begin to feel the bags forming under my eyes. Big bags. Ears starting to buzz a little; slower reaction time. Before I know it I'm munching on New York Style Focaccia Sticks just to stay awake and the "hearty crunch" is sounds unbelievably loud in my head.
{The deadline for the paper was extended, btw. Till midnight, last night.} By 12:58 I'm pressing send, getting my paper in just on time. Wheww. But then, this morning, I get a message saying the file wouldn't open. {opps} Damn .docx. Oh well. Paper is in and I am D*O*N*E!

Let's recap: Yesterday = miserable.

June - Yesterday + sleep
--------------------------- = summer. Yes! Summer is finally here!

Now, if my philosopher can just get past his last hurdle I'll be able to add him into the equation. The results? BLISS. {for one week anyway... then it all starts again....}

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