Tuesday, June 16, 2009

heavy metal

I've got a thing for metal... copper, pewter, and gold in particular.
It started with paper actually.
I'm ultra obsessive lately about invitations (I have been for a while now)
and I've ordered quite a few paper samples in the name of research.
My favorite paper sample came from this wonderful site.
It is handmade Indian silk paper with raised copper dots.
The photo {found here} DOES NOT do it even the least bit of justice.
It is gorgeous. Fantastic. Amazing. Magnificent. Incredible.
I love it.
And, it made me begin to love copper. Copper everywhere.
Copper appliances, copper mailboxes, copper pots and pans.
But then, before I knew it, I was finding myself drawn more to
I still LOVE the paper but copper appliances and cookware
are quite the hassle to keep clean.
Pewter, on the other hand, is sturdy and low maintenance.
And, I happen to think, it has a wonderful rustic charm.
Flatware, stemware, carafes...
they would all look so lovely next to a colorful pottery dish set.
But then, before I knew it, I was finding myself drawn more to
Gold, gold, gold, gold.
I've never really been big on gold before.
But now I just can't get enough of it.
Gold jewelry, gold china, gold picture frames, gold stationary...
At this point, I still love all three.
But I think I love gold the most. I mean come on.
Just look at that ring.

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