Thursday, July 2, 2009

Je suis très cultivée.

I came home from class yesterday to a UPS man at the gate.
He had a nice little package from Amazon with my name on it.
I'll admit, it makes this whole test-every-other-day arrangement
much more bearable when my weekly routine is punctuated by
special packages, jamba juice, and sunny afternoons.

Also, as I've gotten into quite the foreign-language-kids-books-kick
I've been remembering the books in Spanish I read back in high school.
There are quite a few good ones cheaply available here in the US.
I think {this} might be my favorite.
But I love {this one} and {this one} and {this one} too!

Honestly, I think it is only a matter of time before the market
for kids books in foreign languages greatly expands.
After all, every one knows that
the best time to learn languages is during childhood.
Wouldn't it be great if kindergarten classrooms across the country
had story time in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, etc...?

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