Thursday, July 23, 2009

quiet confession

I'm not sure how to say this but... I really kinda badly want some pet farm animals, like now. For the most part this isn't anything new. For years it has been true that with enough open space I'd find a (read: some) cute goats, cows, ducks, horses, ponies, maybe even pigs (starting with the smallest first, bien sûr). I don't want them for meat. Like my banker once said, I'm in it for the love. (And maybe a little milk.) What is so very, very new about my re-invigorated desire for an urban farm is that I'm really badly, crazily wanting ***gasp*** chickens too! OH my! Who am I? For the record, I have generally felt that chickens are the most disgusting creatures on earth. This has been my standard line for...umm...ever. "They smell, they're stupid, they're dirty. They are not cute - not even a little bit." But, I've kindof changed my mind. And I really, really want some.

I've been thinking about it and I've arrived at the following conclusions. First, my experience with chickens has all been at one of two places: the AG farm at Bowie (where the chickens were totally overcrowded with little room to move around and I had the terrible misfortune of seeing stupid high school boys break their necks) and the farm of one of my family's friends in the little town were I grew up "deep in the heart of Texas" (where, again, the chickens were overcrowded on dirt ground without much space to move around). It is no wonder I have had such negative associations with chickens! What I am dreaming of is soooo different than either of these scenarios. For one thing, I would have just a few, which would have names and the luxury of roaming around on grass. For another thing, I wouldn't be breaking their necks. Ever. Period. Nor would I be sadly witnessing such displays. To top it all off, the philosopher and I would be able to further reduce our carbon foot-prints, put more of our ethical beliefs into practice, enjoy fresh eggs, and get to happily watch the perplexed expressions on our kitties faces day in and day out. Bliss, right?

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