Saturday, July 25, 2009

wonderful moving memories

One of the "wedding things" that I really, really, really want is to commission some cinemagraphic documentation of L and I's love celebration. L isn't totally convinced ... (yet). I'm still wishing. After all, anyone can take photos of the party but how many people can create an amazing moving window into the feel of day? I think in 20 years the thing we'll enjoy looking back on the most is the video. It is just more real than a photo can ever hope to be. Please, Luke, please, please, please!!

I'm pretty much set on Mind Castle Studios to do the documentary magic. They're great. Even though most of their work I've seen has showcased rather traditional weddings (which ours surely won't be), they are incredible. I have full confidence in their abilities. This is my favorite video so far (and if anyone knows what song that is playing, please let me know!):

Nathan + Jenna || SDE from Casey Warren | MIND CASTLE on Vimeo.

BTW: Isn't Jenna gorgeous?! She and Nathan are just so cute together! J'adore! I nearly cry every time I watch this and I don't even know them.

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