Tuesday, July 7, 2009

now. please. now.

I'm a one marshmallow kind of person most of the time. But, well... that might require an explanation. Ok. So my mom has this story that she loves to tell about her days at the University of Texas. There was a social experiment of sorts underway while she was there involving people - - mostly kids - - and marshmallows. Basically it went like this: the person/kid comes into a room that has hidden cameras. They chit chat with one of the experimenters for a few minutes. Then, the administrator tells the kid, "I've got to go to the other room for a little while. Here is a marshmallow. You can eat it any time you like but if you save it until I get back I'll give you another one". They did this with lots of people taping the mental ease or agony with which they decided to either eat or save their first marshmallow. Now, I don't actually like marshmallows unless they're in hot coca. But, metaphorically speaking, I am a one marshmallow kind of person; most of the time I go for instant gratification. Which is why I experience heightened frustration and irritation when waiting, waiting, waiting for things to come or people to respond. Like... uh... right now. Waiting, waiting, waiting for about 10 people to get back to me via telephone or email. I know. I should relax. Chill out. But it really bothers me and is très distracting. Every 3 minutes clicking the entourage icon; every 30 minutes checking my phone... thinking about calling yet again. The way I see it, life is for living and marshmallows don't float solo. More will come. No need to put 'em off for another day; they don't have to be in short supply.

So. If you're one of the 10 or so people I'm waiting on, please get your shit together and get back to me. Now pleeeeaaasssseee. You know who you are.

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