Tuesday, July 21, 2009

lost in translation

Our party planning has been a little trying for the philosopher and myself over the last week - perhaps a bad sign as the fête is a year out. Each of us tends to feel that the other is difficult to plan with. And it is true from both perspectives. For example, today while floating across the Sound to have dinner with my family on Bainbridge I mentioned a great sale I recently came across on some fabulous cake stands. Unfortunately, since we don't yet know where we'll be celebrating it is a bit too early to invest in even the most beautiful cake stands ever. The philosopher's response? {An incredulous look that words cannot describe and} "The table is the cake stand". "What?" "The table is the cake stand." "I don't understand. What do you mean?" "The TABLE is the cake stand." "But, you have to put the cake on something." "Yes, the table."

In short, he thinks the very concept of a cake stand is ridiculous, much less the cake-collage I'm dreaming of. And he may be right. The thing is, I kind of agree with Camus: All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning.

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