Friday, August 14, 2009

check mate.

As it turns out, the philosopher and I have a leaky shower
attracting mold and eating through siding. It is a mess.

The good news:
we're getting a new shower and
we *might* be getting a mini bathroom makeover

The bad news:
our *current* bathroom will never look like any of these and
we'll have to do all the painting ourselves

{photo found here}
This has such a French country meets PBkids feel to it yet I really like it.

{photo found here}
All white bothers me... but I do love the molding and the curved ceiling.

These sinks are a little industrial
but I still love the clean, fresh look Pottery Barn is so good at.

{photo found here}
I love these tiles and the Moroccan feel to this!

I'm not so keen on this bathroom but I do love the windows in the wall.

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