Thursday, August 13, 2009

a house is more than a home

Sometimes I start imagining my future home... well, dream home.
{I think I get this from my mother and her ceaseless real estate browsing.}

It is so easy to see pictures of a beautiful home in a different city, state, or even country and imagine life being perfect. As if the house itself would push all problems and difficulties away. For the most part I've moved beyond the belief or desire for a real estate bandaid. However, I am genuinely excited for the day L and I have our own home.

{photo found here}
maybe it will have lots of pretty molding and curvy hallways

a big beautiful kitchen

an inviting library for all our books
with comfy chairs to read and get lost in on rainy days

a bunk room for the kids
so they can have lots of slumber parties

{photo found here}
a nice little pool
(that someone else would clean...)

and a treehouse out back, of course,
for adventuring and make believe.

Our lives will still be busy and we'll still have to grudgingly wash the dishes, fold laundry, and clean up after our kitties. But it will be our home to live and dream and love in.

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