Thursday, August 20, 2009

a closet of clothes and nothing to wear...

I keep dreaming about my wedding dress. Literally dreaming. All night it is as though I'm just flipping through photos. It is like I've seen it before somewhere... yet as I search through hundreds of photos I can't spot it. Granted I'm not at all sure what kind of dress I really want for my wedding. For years I've thought the traditional white (often poofy) dress is just silly. Not to mention unflattering -- who really wants to look like a glorified marshmallow? But as I've browsed more and more photos of weddings and of dresses I have become **slightly** more impressed by the beauty of **certain** dresses. I am still unsure about the whole white dress thing...

***Mayyyybbeeee*** something a little like this:

or this middle one:
or one of these:or something like this:or something with a back like this:
or a twist on this:or perhaps one like this, my favorite white dress so far: Truth be told though, I'm still drawn to dresses with a little more color.

I really love these two:

and these two middle ones:and the second pink one, as well as that purple:If nothing else, I'm tempted to go for a fairly traditional wedding gown in a different shade.

Like this pale pink softie:
None of these are just right... but eventually I'll flip to the right page or, more importantly, go to the right store and find something wonderful for me.

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