Tuesday, August 18, 2009

pretty paper and other things

The philosopher received a little gift in the mail yesterday from Amazon (read:mymom). What is it the philosopher loves to get more than anything else? Kisses? Close. But the answer is books. He's a voracious reader, that one. This time he received The Age of Wonder, a book concerned with the history of science. It actually looks really, really interesting! {Maybe I'll sneak in a few chapters before he gets a chance to cuddle down with it!}

Anyway, one of the most wonderful things about the book so far is the beautiful, beautiful dust jacket. The pictures online seriously do not do it justice. It is phenomenal... for a dust jacket anyway. In most ways it highlights the color scheme I'd like to incorporate into my wedding invitations... along with some greens and maybe some amethyst or papaya for kicks. I really wish I knew how they printed that gold. I've been asking around and I'm pretty sure that is not a letterpress possibility. But, if I can swing it, gold will make its way into the wedding invites (etc...) nonetheless!

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