Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i hate nature... moving in where it doesn't belong

Last night while the philosopher was getting a pile of clothes ready for the wash, it happened. We saw a spider. Was this the first time it had ever happened? No. But it was the first of its kind nonetheless.

The Philosopher: {look of disbelief and horror}
Me: ?!@#!@#$!!!?!?@#?!
Me (from the other room): Do you want a shoe?
The Philosopher: Yes please. Hurry!


A few minutes pass. The philosopher comes out into the living room, looks at me and asks: Was that a spider or a small dog?

Am I freaking out every night now wondering if a HUGE spider is creeping into our bed? Yes. I hope this memory fads fast.

On a happier note
, JANELL IS HERE, JANELL IS HERE!!! She's looking amazing with a huge rock on her hand and so many stories to tell! I can't wait for Friday when I'm done with classes and can just hang out!

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