Tuesday, August 25, 2009

tire-ing out.

The philosopher and I have been shopping for bikes today. Allllll day. It is not a very fun experience actually. The first store, Revolution Cycles, said decent entry level road bikes would start around $650. The next store on 45th and Roosevelt was a total waste of time. No customer service, no cheap bikes. Gregg's on Greenlake informed us that decent entry-level bikes would run more along the lines of $800. Yikes.

Craigslist has been pretty disappointing overall. A couple of leads but mostly old bikes. The ones that are new and that look pretty good are still selling for $5-6. A lot of money considering I could just get a new one for a little bit more. Hmm...

The pawn shops were worse. Mostly mountain bikes.

There are two really, really crummy parts to this whole bike-hunt. First, I feel like an idiot. I don't know the lingo. I don't know anything about the brands or parts (except for my brief internet research last night). AND, they always want me to get on the bike to check out the fit which is, by far, the most uncomfortable experience. "How does it feel?" "Uncomfortable." "Why?" "Because it feels like you're about to let go of the bike." Yes, I am terrified. I seriously wish I were 6 again and could go for one with ribbons and training wheels without being judged (or worse).

Which brings me to the second really crummy part of the bike-hunt. All of the "moderately" priced bikes are U-G-L-Y. Why doesn't electra make a great road bike that looks like the other road bikes... but, you know, cute?

I really want this bike:

Unfortunately it is a cruiser bike and the philosopher would never let me live it down. Maybe as a gift to myself someday after I face my fears and become a regular biker.

Another cruiser bike from electra I love is this one, voted Best Women's Cruiser Bike for 2009:

The electra road bike equivalent is, I think, "the townie". They're not really road bikes but some are a sort of cross between a road bike and a comfort bike. Some are single speed, others 3, some 7, some 8, some 16, and even a 21 speed model.

Aren't they wonderful?! Electra is known for challenging the hunch-style riding most road bikes require. Unfortunately, that is just one more reason why it is hard to convince L that these bikes are real bikes. (Not that I really know... )

The felt bikes are kind of cute but the road bike versions aren't anything to write home about.

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