Saturday, August 29, 2009

new ride.

{not my bike exactly, but similar}
I bought a bike yesterday. It is all kinds of exciting. I am sooo ready for the bicycle shopping phase to be over. Everytime L and I would go to a store to check out bikes, apparel, accessories, etc... I just felt e and irritated. It is not enought that you're spending a couple hundred bucks on a bike, they can't bother to put a comfortable seat on the thing. Then, it is not enough that you've spend your $50+ on cycling shorts in order to withstand your seat, you've got to buy pedals and, probably, new shoes too. Then, you've got to gear up with flouresent and reflective apparel (which, naturally, is impossible to find at any store for cheap).

Whatever. I'm done. Yipee! My shorts (which weren't $50+ dollars!!) are on their way from Indiana or some place. My bike is in the garage - she's really fast! My cheapo target gloves are resting in my second hand helmet. And I am soooo ready to ride.

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